In the world but not of it

June 25, 2010


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He assigned the sea its boundaries and locked the oceans in vast reservoirs. Psalms 33:7

The King James uses the word “gathered” rather than assigned. The idea is that the Lord brought together the bodies of water and has contained them in their predetermined boundaries.

Next time you are on a beach, in an airplane flying over an ocean or on a boat, take in the vast ocean around you. Have you ever wondered why these massive oceans just stop where they do? I have always found this fascinating, that the world, which is mostly covered by water, stays precisely where it is with little movement.

God has set specific boundaries to these vast oceans yet with all the power and strength they possess they don’t rebel against Him. They don’t force themselves upon on the land unless the Lord, in His wisdom, has allowed it.

Yet I marvel how often we push the boundaries God has set up in our lives.

The term boundary in and of itself denotes something constrictive, restrictive and negative yet from the Lord’s perspective it is a term with the idea of protection surrounding it.

I can’t have that promotion or job, I can’t seem to convince that person to have a relationship, I am unhappy in this situation and I see ways to change it, and so on…

Isn’t this our perspective on situations in our lives at times? What God intends as boundaries to protect us we interpret as restraints and not being allowed to get what we want. What would happen if the oceans of the earth decided tomorrow that they wanted to have more of the land they bordered? The earth would be in a state of panic, disruption and turmoil. The extent of the damage to people, places and our ecological system could not even be measured.

Father, right now I am struggling with your timing in my life. I see the boundaries you have placed around me in certain areas of my life and I confess that too often I see them as a prison rather than a protection from events I cannot predict or expect.

Lord, help me to see that you have my best interest in mind and that your plan for my life is far better than the momentary lapses I experience when I am weak and worn down by the enemy. Help me to appreciate the boundaries…


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