In the world but not of it

July 6, 2010

Get larger maps…

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“Oh, that you would bless me and expand my territory! 1 Chronicles 4:10

We all want God to use us in a greater way. We pray for the Lord to bless us and enable us to do more, sin less and become more like Him. But Jabez’s prayer was quite interesting in that it implies that he desired more territory.

This word territory refers to boundaries and borders. The desire was to go beyond the boundaries and borders in his life. There is an excitement that goes along with entering new territories. The best example would be to go hang out at the arrivals hall at any airport where you can watch the faces of the people who are coming out of the airport and are visiting for the first time or are greeted by loved ones.

But there is also an excitement when a child of God prays that the Lord would take them beyond the borders they know, beyond the comfort zones, beyond the map they are used to. This may involve going beyond the border of our driveway to finally speak to the neighbor about the Lord or it may involve God taking you to a completely new land to serve in a capacity you may never have considered.

We should not be afraid to ask God to enlarge our territory, rather we should be excited at the prospect of what He can and will do if we are willing to get larger maps…


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