In the world but not of it

July 27, 2010

Succession planning…

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So Moses did as the LORD commanded. He presented Joshua…Numbers 27:22

This passage in Numbers 27:12-23 is perhaps the best in the entire Bible when it comes to instructing leaders on the importance of succession planning.

When God gives a person the blessing of leadership it is sometimes held too closely to the vest. It can be leadership in ministry, in business or in a circle of friends or people responsible for some organization. It is not so much the place of leadership but rather the position itself that is too often misused and misunderstood by those who have received the blessing of it.

Leadership, of any kind, is a position of stewardship, of service. In church we know it by the title Pastor, in the business world by the title Manager, Supervisor, CEO, etc…

As a position of service the intent is to not only lead the people towards a specific result but there are two other very important responsibilities. First, a leader must care for the people. We see Moses’ journey with the children of Israel through the wilderness and how he constantly cared for the people by honoring the Lord and ensuring that His commands were followed for the people’s well-being and safety.

Second, and the point we want to address in this context, a leader must realize that their role has an expiration date, that it is not all about them. I see people in positions of leadership in the church and in business that work hard to protect their turf and prevent others from being used to their fullest potential and who unfortunately horde the credit and success. They have forgotten the point of leadership, the purpose of it and that it is not about them but rather about Christ.

Look at Moses’ example once more. God told him we would not enter the land and did Moses complain? No, he responded by asking the Lord to provide the right leader, realizing that his responsibility was to finish the work and that the work was not about him and his glory but God’s.

Leader – you are given this privilege for a time, for a season. It is a gift of God and designed for a specific purpose and plan. You need to take it more than seriously; you need to be methodical, careful, obedient to the Lord and prayerful in all aspects of it. You need to realize that at some point the need will arise for someone under you to take the helm therefore begin praying now for God to show you that person and then mentor them, invest the time and whatever else is needed to ensure that they are encouraged, strengthened and prepared and then, when the time comes, commission them to lead.


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