In the world but not of it

August 4, 2010

Getting on your knees…

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“at their wits’ end”. Psalms 107:27

He had worked hard his whole life to provide for his family. He wasn’t the most affectionate and loving man but he was responsible and knew what it meant to work.

Like so many, he had dreams and hopes for a better life for himself and his family. Like so many, he experienced one defeat after another in trying to get ahead but this did not get him to his knees…

Every venture he got involved in started well but ended poorly, but his pride stood firm and this did not get him to his knees…

His marriage became turbulent and stressed as he struggled to deal with life matters and instead of resting in the love of his wife he took out those frustrations on her, and yet through the pain he experienced this did not get him to his knees…

His daughter, who had grown up without the closeness of a father, found comfort in the arms of a man who took her further from the God she struggled to know because of the example in her home. This crushed him and he lost the love and relationship of his daughter and yet this still did not get him to his knees…

His health failed and declined rapidly and the last bastion of security he had, the ability to work, was taken from him and forced him to stop and reflect. This brought even more pain as he looked back over the years and could now see that, through his stubbornness and pride, he had ruined so many opportunities given to him…yet this did not bring him to his knees…

Yet one day, he received news that death was calling for him. He could no longer fight this battle and was now at his wits’ end…this finally brought him to his knees…

My father…


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