In the world but not of it

August 19, 2010

Friend or foe…

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“Neither one,” he replied…Joshua 5:14

It is believed that this man with sword in hand that appeared to Joshua was indeed Jesus Christ himself.

The battle was about to take shape for Jericho and the Lord came to Joshua as He did to Moses once long ago by the burning bush to tell him that He is with him.

When the Lord appeared to Abraham, He came as a traveler but here He appears as a captain of the Lord’s hosts, a man of war…

For each situation and circumstance the Lord comes to us in the appropriate way to minister, to speak into our lives and to get our complete attention. But the Lord’s response to Joshua’s question about whose side he is on is quite profound.

The issue is never about whose side God is on; He is looking for people to be on His side. So often I find myself repeating the same question in my head…”do I care more about my reputation or God’s?”…

So often, when I find myself in situations that seem difficult or even impossible I am reminded that my concern for the outcome can easily overshadow God’s plan for it.

Joshua was about to enter an impossible situation, certainly from a human’s perspective, but God in His grace and incredible mercy came to encourage, strengthen and remind Joshua of Who was with him…


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