In the world but not of it

August 20, 2010

Take more…

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I wanted them so much that I took them. Joshua 7:21

If you have read the book of Joshua before then you are familiar with the story of Achan. He went into battle but failed to follow the instructions of the Lord. Rather than completely trusting God to provide he thought that he could take a little something for himself and that it would not have further consequences.

This story really speaks volumes to me on how the Lord leads us in life and even in ministry. Like Achan, we have seen the Lord provide for us and get us through difficult situations. Like Achan, we have watched the Lord lead us into victory. Like Achan, we are soldiers in God’s army and we go into battle each day (spiritually speaking)…and like Achan, some of us are prone to taking more of the spoil than what is allowed for us…

I have watched people in business and in ministry continue to “take more” – more of people’s time, more of people’s money, more of people…

I have also seen the Lord, by His grace, provide for certain people more as a way to remind them that He is sufficient so they’ll stop taking more, yet it has been interpreted by these same people as His continued blessing on their life and as confirmation that they are in His will…

Achan’s sin, though seemingly small, caused severe consequences for him and his family. In the end all that he had was cast into a pit and burned. All because he took a little more…

Had he trusted, had he waited and had he kept steady on the path he was probably once on he would have seen that at the next battle in Ai, God told Joshua this time that they could keep the plunder…


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