In the world but not of it

September 1, 2010

The fear of obeying…

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“put out a little from the land”…Luke 5:3

The greatest obstacle we face to obedience to God is the fear of the consequences.

If you have read the first eleven verses of Luke chapter five then you know the story of Jesus asking Simon to cast the net again but one of the key phrases in this text is given to us early in the chapter in verse three…”put out a little from the land”…

It has been my experience and perhaps yours also that when God builds the character of a person he does so step by step. God will often ask us to perform the most simple of tasks or the most seemingly unimportant actions before He gives us larger responsibility and direction.

It is God’s way of teaching us obedience because He knows that obedience brings blessing and that partial obedience is disobedience…

God is interested in getting us to “put out a little” from the shores in our lives where we might be comfortable just getting our feet wet or going in up to our waist. He knows that in order for us to reach the place He has planned it will take pushing out further in order to be completely dependent upon Him.

To do this we must understand the benefits of obedience and not see it strictly as some prohibitive or preventive character trait.

Our obedience to God…

  • Brings God’s greatest blessings
  • Always benefits others, not just ourselves
  • Often requires what appears to be unreasonable
  • Never proves to be a disappointment
  • Allows God to demonstrate His power in our lives
  • Results in a deeper understanding of God and of ourselves
  • Will result in dramatic and significant changes that otherwise would be completely missed

Over the years I have come to realize that God is interested in my attitude first and my actions second since a godly attitude will always produce godly actions.


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