In the world but not of it

September 13, 2010

Everyone is affected…

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all the people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes. Judges 21:25

This is a fitting end to the book of Judges since the entire book is marked by those in Israel who lived their lives anyway that seemed best to them. The results were disastrous and this is often the case when a person or a people live selfishly.

Growing up as an immigrant I quickly realized that I would be spending my entire youth doubling as an interpreter for my parents since it became clear that they were not able to pick up enough English to fully communicate. They both worked long hours and the only opportunity to learn English really came on the job.

This interpreting requirement took me everywhere they needed to go, the mechanic, the doctor, the bank and several others places. In hindsight it served as an early education for me on life in general and I got the naivety and ignorance that is often associated with being a teenager out of me rather quickly.

One such experience came the year my father got very ill and eventually needed to accept assistance from the state’s welfare system. I had to accompany him to all the appointments required to qualify for welfare and in the process I discovered the very principle we are discussing here out of the book of Judges.

We were simply told that the welfare system cannot always provide the needed benefits to the people because the system itself is constantly being manipulated and abused by the same people that it is intended to help.

If you know anything about welfare you know what a convoluted and complicated system it is and how those that are truly in need of its services suffer due to the manipulation of others.

People constantly do what is right in their own eyes often at the expense of others. Looking out for “number one” is a well known term in our society but the negative impact that this attitude has is larger than we can realize when you multiply it by millions of people.

Everyone is affected…


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