In the world but not of it

September 15, 2010

Trusted Advisor…

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the LORD was with him, and everything Samuel said proved to be reliable. 1 Samuel 3:19

In the last decade the term “trusted advisor” became quite popular in business circles. It was a self-proclaiming title that companies gave themselves in order to tell their clients they were the right partner to work with.

Books were published on this topic, hundreds of magazine articles over the last few years have continued to expound and explore the nature of a person known as a trusted advisor. People in business were essentially told that this was the type of relationship they needed to forge with those they worked with. This discreet group of people would be ones they would seek counsel from, share thoughts with and look to shape their views and decisions from these conversations.

In fact, we all desire to have such a person in our lives as well. I would say that each of us has one or two people in our lives that might fit under the title “trusted advisor”.  There is certainly benefit in having people in your life that can advise you and provide more insight into the areas concerning you than just someone you may know casually with an opinion, although sometimes those opinions can be profound as well.

But as a believer, the term trusted advisor should really apply to the person or persons in your life that not only can you give you practical wisdom and guidance on matters concerning you but will do it with the truth, boldness and love that can come only from one who is grounded in their walk with the Lord.

Because the Lord was with Samuel everything he said proved to be reliable. Samuel’s dependence and focus upon the Lord had several positive effects on his life, one of which was to speak and share in a manner that was influenced by the Lord working in and through Him.

He was reliable and could be trusted to tell you exactly what was necessary to hear regardless of how much the hearer wanted to hear it…this is a trusted advisor


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