In the world but not of it

September 16, 2010

Talk to the animals…

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And sure enough, without veering off in other directions, the cows went straight along the road…1 Samuel 6:12

Sometimes I think that there are certain statements buried in the stories of scripture that the Lord places there just to see if we will really notice them and get the idea He is trying to communicate.

In another portion of scripture we see God giving the ability of speech to a donkey (Numbers 22:28) and it’s rider, Balaam, actually responding to it as if he expected it to talk.

God controls natural order. He controls the very things He created. The Lord has a wonderful sense of humor by giving us these portions of scripture as subtle reminders of his divine providence and sovereignty.

Most Christians do not realize that within only the last three decades our thinking has been radically impacted when it comes to believing what God actually controls and doesn’t control. If you had a time machine and could go back thirty or forty years you would see a different mentality amongst believers.

You would see people that the need and expectation to seek God on all matters or life and to believe that He controlled them was not an afterthought. Today we have allowed ourselves to become analytical about the Lord’s control and providential guidance.

In a letter to Henry Knox in March of 1797, George Washington wrote “it is not for man to scan the wisdom of Providence (God). The best man can do is to submit to its decrees”…

If our God sees fit to direct a cow and a donkey to fulfill a divine purpose then how is it that my life in His hands is too complex for Him?


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