In the world but not of it

September 17, 2010

Human reasoning…

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Then Abram continued traveling south by stages…Genesis 12:9

God had a call on Abram’s life. At this point in his life his name had not yet been changed to Abraham as the covenant of grace that God would make with him was still further down the road.

The call on Abram’s life was personal; it was specific for him and to him. It also meant separation from his family and his land. The call God places on our lives often comes with some type of separation. This call on Abram’s life also came with a promise (Genesis 12:2).

God may not always give us the details of the call and the road ahead but He always gives us His promises to encourage us to step out.

Abram was headed to the land of promise God told him to get to, Canaan. He obeyed God and went. He likely faced criticism, cynicism and challenges from family and friends questioning such a major decision to go but he knew that God had called him to do it.

But we see that during his journey he “continued traveling south”. Abram has been criticized for going to Egypt during the sever famine. Many view this as a lack of faith and trust in God and in the promises he was given.

When we are faced with a difficult decision or a crisis there are two questions we must ask ourselves.

First, is our attitude toward God right? In other words, are we in a right relationship with Him and desiring His best for us? Second, are the motivations to make this decision for His ultimate praise and glory or ours?

In Abram’s case, was the issue that he went to Egypt or rather how he went? We see in scripture that at times God has sent others to Egypt for a purpose. We see this in the life of Joseph (Genesis 37:28), in the life of Jacob (Genesis 45:16) and Joseph in the New Testament (Matthew 2:13).

God will often send us into difficult places for specific purposes but how we decide to go, how we enter and then how we behave will shape the outcome. We have no indication from scripture that God sent Abram to Egypt and so it seems that Abram’s decision was one of common sense. Humanly speaking it was the right thing to do but we don’t see him praying to God and seeking His direction on the matter.

Abram continued to travel south and in so doing we see the danger of moving away from God’s plan and purpose in stages. We can end up in the world, involved in it when we are meant not to be of it. Human reasoning and logic dictated his decision to go rather than prayerful consideration and waiting upon the Lord…

Where are you today in that decision?


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