In the world but not of it

September 20, 2010

Inconsistent and wrong decisions…

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“That is very wrong” 1 Samuel 14:33

When a person is not completely reliant upon the Holy Spirit in their life, their decisions, actions and deeds will be inconsistent, confusing and will ultimately impact many in the wrong way.

Saul’s pride and ignorance as a leader caused him to make foolish decisions that were not well thought out and did not take into consideration how others would be affected. In this passage Saul makes a foolish vow to keep all his soldiers from eating until the enemy was driven out completely. They had just fought a battle and won. This battle was sparked by Jonathan’s faith and trust in the Lord.

Saul did not lead them into this battle and in fact he was off hanging around, not knowing what was taking place until the noise in the Philistine camp became so loud that he and the other Israelites noticed (1 Samuel 14:17).

Yet, in similar fashion to how he managed other affairs, he got the troops together and with complete disregard for what had occurred, he now made the men take a foolish vow.

The men’s strength was worn but Jonathan, who had not heard about his father’s vow, refreshed himself with a little honey. The Israelites then finished off their victory and plundered the livestock and because of their extreme hunger they wasted no time in eating in a manner that was against their custom, they ate the animals without draining the blood first. (Leviticus 7:26-27)

What is Saul’s response to this when he was informed? He said; ”this is very wrong”.

Saul, a man with a position of authority, not wholeheartedly committed to God, not completely dependent on the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit, impulsive, proud, arrogant and at times deceitful to get his own way now says “this is very wrong”.

Saul’s decisions brought unnecessary strain on the people and when those same people reacted to meet the needs they had they ended up making wrong decisions also. Although people are responsible for their own actions let’s be clear in stating that the actions of a leader, of one in a position of authority, significantly influence the actions of those under them and if those actions and decisions are wrong they can often influence people into making wrong decisions themselves out of desperation or distress.

Saul, with complete ignorance, stood and told the people they were now wrong for what they had done. In fact they were wrong but motivated by a man who could not lead and brought them to the brink of despair. Saul was even prepared to kill his own son for tasting the honey but the people intervened.

How amazing it is to see the erratic and unpredictable actions of a person when they have ceased to reply upon the Lord or have not known Him to begin with.

Father help us to be completely consecrated and reliant upon you. Lord, if you have given us any level of responsibility or authority may we always depend upon your leading and guiding that we may honor both you and the role you’ve given us.


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