In the world but not of it

September 21, 2010

Complete obedience brings completion…

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Obedience is better than sacrifice…1 Samuel 15:22

Anything but complete obedience to what God asks of us is disobedience. If the Lord is calling you to move then “praying about it” for longer than you should is disobedience. If the Lord is calling you to a new career, a new company, a new ministry then “transitioning out” longer than we should is disobedience.

Too often we justify the delays and the lack of carrying out completely what God has asked because we are uncertain, afraid and even doubt what God has told us.

In the same way that the Lord’s timing is perfect and his rule over everything is sovereign and providential, obedience to His commands and His leading are critical in order for the full blessing to be realized by us and those that would be a part of that act of obedience.

Saul was given specific instructions to wipe out the Amalakites, a nation that was Israel’s enemy from the beginning and plagued them continuously. In order for the children of Israel to live in the Promised Land with the peace God intended the Amalakites had to go.

Saul did not fully obey and as was custom in the Middle East, he spared the king for a time. This period of time that elapsed is critical for us to understand that Middle East customs included certain rights and provisions for captured Kings including concubines. The reason to know this is because many generations later, as we see in the book of Esther, the complete annihilation of the Jewish people was looming and led by Haman, an Agagite or better known as a descendent from Amalek.

It is clear that Saul’s partial obedience planted a seed that would later bring serious consequences to God’s people and although the Lord saved them again and although the Lord saves us from difficulties and dangers, the question is whether we got into that place of turmoil and trouble because of partial obedience…

This is why it is really a matter of life and death to have a living, fruitful relationship with the Lord. It is imperative that we hear Him speaking to us through His word, in our hearts, perhaps through others.

We need our spiritual sense to be on alert always so we do not miss what He will ask us to do.


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