In the world but not of it

October 8, 2010

What we want to hear…

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“What is your opinion”?  2 Samuel 17:4

The story of David and his son Absalom reads like a modern day movie script. It is filled with all the elements that make for a great espionage film. There is intrigue and drama, spying and secrets and lots of interesting dialogue.

Also in this story we see how a person’s motivations and decisions are often influenced by the words and actions of those around them when their relationship to God is not that grounded.

Ahithophel was Bathsheba’s grandfather and therefore had underlying motivations to see King David ruined and killed by his son Absalom. Although David prayed that the advice Ahithophel would give Absalom would be poor, in fact it was perfect. Ahithophel’s advice was sound and well thought out but Absalom was not too sound and his motivations and desires were not well thought out.

David had sent in a spy, Hushai, who countered Ahithophel’s advice. Hushai appealed to Absalom’s vanity, flattering him and stroking his back enough to persuade him that the advice Ahithophel had given was simply wrong. It worked and Absalom bought into the flattery and the rest is now history.

Absalom’s approach in wanting a second opinion was not wrong. His desire to see another side of the situation and investigate further is something any person would or should do. But this son of David was in rebellion and he had only his desires and plans in mind.

Because his relationship with God was lacking or simply non-existent, Absalom was not able to discern which counsel he should pay mind to. He was a man driven by his own desires not God’s. Getting counsel and advice is a wise practice. What is wiser is then taking all of it to your prayer closet and laying it out before the Lord who we trust to make sense of it.

“a flattering mouth works ruin”. Proverbs 26:28

“We are too apt to love praise, but not to deserve it”. William Penn 1702


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