In the world but not of it

October 14, 2010

Real talent…

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King Solomon now ruled over all Israel, and these were his high officials… 1 Kings 4:1-2

The wisdom and understanding that God bestowed upon Solomon impacted every area of his life and therefore the lives of those all around him.

In this passage we see that Solomon appointed his executive management team. If Solomon’s kingdom had a website and you could click on the “About us” link and then the “Management Team” link you would see this list of men that he appointed with their bios and pictures.

Solomon had great organizational skills that he put to use. The nation prospered under his rule for the time that he honored the Lord and his management team worked together well. Solomon’s skills were all a gift from the Lord.

We often hear how we need to be good stewards with the resources that God has given us. We typically relate this to resources such as money or other material items. But to be accountable and to be a good steward with the resources God gives us equally applies to the gifts and talents we have been given as people; the skills, the knowledge, the wisdom, the ability to do something well or well enough that it can bless others…

Years ago, a CEO stepped into the leadership role of the company he had been employed with for over two decades. His first course of action was to relieve the executive team of their duties and promote the people under them, who had been doing the work and were really the brains behind the operation. He went on to set leadership standards that communicated exceptional organizational and management skills and this Fortune 10 company experienced growth and success that it had not previously thought possible.

Of course there were many other factors involved in the success of this company but it started with the willingness of one man to make necessary changes and apply specific skills and talents he was blessed with and recognize those skills and talents in others.

The true gifts and talents we have are not material but rather a part of us and woven into the fabric of our lives.

Lord, help me to see what skills, talents, gifts and blessings exist in my life that I can be a better steward of. I no longer want to associate gifts and talents only with the outward. I want to see what you have placed in my life that I can be using better and more importantly, for your glory…


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