In the world but not of it

October 15, 2010

Family time…

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“each man would be one month in Lebanon and two months at home”… 1 Kings 5:14

Our modern society has done little for the family. In an effort to advance as a culture and a nation we have progressively stolen precious time away from the one institution that society is grounded on, the family…

Solomon hired three times as many workers so that he could provide them with shifts that focused more on the worker and their families and less on the work itself.

Amazingly the work was still finished and finished well.

“Family time” is something many families work hard at managing. It takes lots of conversations and lots of prayer. Added strain on the family comes from a culture where the most unproductive workers can be in the office the longest each day and they are praised for their commitment yet those that produce the best results are often criticized for leaving on time.

Can we even imagine a shift in our work ethic that would result in one month on, two months off? The world would cease to operate. We have made ourselves so busy that we are all convinced that to put any less time into our vocations would be detrimental to our livelihood.

But here is the important thing. God wants family first and we need to want the same. This does not necessarily mean that work hours have to drastically change or change at all but what it does mean is that families need to pray together and ask the Lord to help them manage the pressures and expectations of work. Families need to ask the Lord for wisdom in managing their schedules, making commitments only to those things that are necessary and learning how to say no to those things are just “time-fillers” and really have no redeeming value.

What are those things? Only your family can determine that with the Lord’s help. The issue is that many families simply don’t pray about these things because in society we’ve bought into all the lies and pressures about what we must do, should do, can’t do without, etc…

It may mean taking a stand with your employer. It may mean cutting out activities and social commitments. It may mean lots of things. Whatever it means it must mean that as a family you agree to put yours first and ensure that the love, unity and bonding is all going in God’s direction…


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