In the world but not of it

October 27, 2010

Something from nothing…

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But this is only a simple thing for the LORD… 2 Kings 3:18

One of the most fascinating aspects of Dover Castle in the south of England is not the castle itself but what lies beneath it. Under the castle inside the mountain it was built upon are 3 ½ miles of tunnels originally dating back to the time of Napoleon.

In fact, these tunnels were occupied and used by England to run World War II. Churchill used these tunnels as a base and they became known as the Secret Wartime Tunnels. When the war ended the tunnels and the rooms were left intact and today it is a museum worth seeing.

Inside one of the tunnels is a large room where all the communication equipment was kept. This room is quite large and has a vast amount of old communication technology that was used to transmit and pass information back and forth.

What is amazing is that all the equipment in that room now fits into a modern day laptop. All of it!

This is something that would have been inconceivable to those men and women at the time but today we take this technology for granted. Man has made advancements that in principle were once viewed as impossible and these advancements continue. Yet when we read the story from which today’s passage is taken, we marvel that the Lord provided water from seemingly nowhere.

Consider today that everything in your life that is troubling you or causing you to question the realm of possibility is something that is “a simple thing for the Lord”. The Lord simply has no limitations. He can make anything out of nothing.

The Lord creates, while the best that man can do is to make something. Man must work within the realm of matter and material; he cannot create something out of nothing. Our God created the matter and material from which everything is made

The limitations on our situations and circumstances exist in our minds not God’s…


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