In the world but not of it

October 28, 2010

Because God said so…

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“Bring me another jar.”… 2 Kings 4:6

The widow in this story asked Elisha for help. Hearing from the Lord, Elisha instructed her as to what she must do. She went and did it.

She didn’t spend one moment questioning Elisha even though what he asked of her seemed strange and unconventional. She had a need, cried out to the Lord and the Lord answered her. She followed through on what God asked of her.

Obedience to the Lord is something we preach but not always practice. We usually blend our own reasoning and logic with God’s commands and instructions and this only dilutes the results.

Notice that the oil only stopped flowing when they ran out of jars. I love that part of the story. God will take us as far as we want to go in our walk of faith with Him and no farther. As long as we continue bringing more jars to Him, He will continue to fill them to overflowing.

Too often we stop in the midst of exercising faith. We don’t see any results or the results we wanted, but therein is the key to why we stop.

We have brought our jars with conditions. We responded to what the Lord told us to do initially but then we stamped the jars with conditions on how they should be filled. I see this tendency in the lives of children, my own included. When a parent instructs a child to do something a certain way the child will often question the instruction and then you hear the parent stating the classic phrase “because I said so”!

The widow had no conditions and no requirements. She had a need and she did what the man of God instructed her to do to satisfy the need…

Because God said so…


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