In the world but not of it

October 29, 2010

Insignificant events…

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“Grab it”… 2 Kings 6:7

Why would the Lord insert a story in the Bible like the one about the floating ax head?

At first the story seems rather insignificant in the context of Elisha’s life and the events taking place at that time but we need to see that the Lord cares about the events in people’s lives, the ones they often view as insignificant.

You’ve experienced this also when what you started out doing on a particular day as a routine turned into some divine appointment or divine provision.

I am convinced that the Lord has surrounded our lives with divine opportunities around almost every corner. He cares enough about the “individual” to move people and events just to reach them.

Not too long ago I was invited to attend an annual company event in another country. I was against going simply because I did not want to be away that week or interrupt the work I had…BUT GOD has interruptions in mind quite often. Reluctantly, I made plans and went to this event.

All was going as expected. It was identical to the previous year’s event that I had also attended. Things changed when I was approached by a co-worker who wanted to speak privately and two hours later we ended the conversation by praying together as he received Christ into his life.

For months this person was preparing to speak with me. God was working in his life patiently and preparing his heart to have the courage to step out and ask for help.

All the while I was living my life without any clue or consideration that this person would be someone I would be sharing the Gospel with.

The Lord sent me half way across the world to have a divine appointment and turn, what I viewed as an insignificant event, into the most significant hour of this man’s life. He cares about the individual…


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