In the world but not of it

November 13, 2010

Acts of devotion…

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“This water is as precious as the blood of these men”… 1 Chronicles 11:19

In this story we learn of “The Three”… the three men who were known as David’s mightiest warriors, his executive team.

These men served David faithfully and were renowned for their great conquests and abilities. Yet, in this story we also see their devotion to their leader. There is a significant characteristic of leadership found in this story that we can’t miss. These men were willing to cross enemy lines and get the water for David at the risk of being seen and caught.

David recognized their act as one that spoke of their devotion not to himself but to the Lord and therefore he poured out the water as an offering to God. When we read this story we are encouraged by the relationship and devotion of David and his men but there is more in this passage.

These men followed David’s example. David was in the thick of it with these men. He lived among them and shared with them. What he asked of them were the very things he would do or had done himself. I don’t believe we often consider the importance of leading others. At times people are so consumed with themselves that they don’t attend to the needs of the people they have been called to serve.

I’ve heard it said that we can only take someone as far as we are spiritually but I’m not sure that this is a correct statement. Our leadership, spiritually speaking, should encourage others to keep going even if that means they surpass us. There should not be limitations on how much a person grows in their relationship with the Lord especially if they serve under someone else.

I believe The Three were known this way because they served a man who served God in the fullest capacity, a man who had let go of his desires and had allowed the Lord to consume him. They had the freedom to be the men that God had created them to be. The result was a mutual and ongoing love and devotion with their leader and with how they served.

Leadership by example results in examples of leadership…


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