In the world but not of it

November 15, 2010

It doesn’t fit…

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“for he had no sword”… 1 Samuel 17:50

David refused to wear Saul’s armor. The armor didn’t fit well and was more of a heavy burden that would prevent David from being as responsive as he needed to be. It weighed him down.

That is the way it is when we choose to walk with the Lord. He instructs us gently so that we come to the realization that the resources of the world, although helpful, often act as more of a burden that weigh us down.

God wants the glory in our lives. He deserves all the glory in our lives and the only way He can possibly get it is when our lives are fully dependent on Him.

God is glorified when we trust Him to act on our behalf.

God is glorified when we bring the matter to Him in prayer rather than responding or reacting directly to the matter.

God is glorified when, despite the outward pressure, we wait for His timing.

God is glorified when the talents and treasure in our lives are used for His purposes and not just our own.

David had no sword. He faced the giant in his life with resources that were uncommon for such a task and completely opposite of what would be expected. But that is the secret in this precious story, the fact that we must cast aside what we think and focus on who God is…infinite, limitless, awesome, majestic, everlasting…

We want everything figured out. We have a mental picture of what we believe it will take to resolve a matter or meet a need. We think and ponder endlessly but in the end we are in awe, always, at how the Lord did it.

Father, help me to take all my ideals and ideas, all my expectations and exceptions, all my fears and faith and lay it all at your feet. Lord, I say I trust you often and I use clever Christian catch phrases to perhaps convince myself of how you will help me but what I really need is you, all of you…


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