In the world but not of it

November 27, 2010

Great stories…

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Future generations will hear about the wonders of the Lord. Psalm 22:30

Being a parent means many things. One of those things is that you need to remember lots of stories from your childhood because kids have a tendency to constantly ask about it. Even with all the stories I’ve ever read to my children they still love to hear stories from my past.

Those stories are more personal and somehow they associate with them since they are part of me. They will ask repeatedly for me to “tell another story”. I confess this makes my head hurt as I try to remember things about my younger days.

As parents do, when they tell stories to their children about their past they usually tell them the heroic ones or those that were the funniest or most interesting but what a great opportunity to use that precious time to share stories of how the Lord worked in their life specifically.

Stories about our past have merit but the ones that minister to our children about the Lord in our lives have eternal rewards. I have found that those stories have a lasting impact on the lives of my children and allow for future conversations when we need to recall how the Lord may have worked in our lives.

Time is precious and so are the hearts of our kids.

Telling our kids how we handled this situation and won that game are all good and fun but also sharing with them how the Lord established our faith, came thru at the eleventh hour and taught us how to really know him are invaluable life lessons.


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