In the world but not of it

November 29, 2010

Follow the instructions…

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Why do you disobey the LORD’s commands and keep yourselves from prospering? 2 Chronicles 24:20

Doesn’t this seem like an obvious question? When you read it you think, “Exactly, why would I disobey the Lord and miss out on all He has for me?”

But this is not how we often live out our lives. To be clear, the Hebrew word used here for “prospering” refers to spiritual prosperity or empowering. It speaks of the spiritual blessings that God wants to bestow upon our lives and in our hearts.

Not too long ago I worked on a model with my son. I was never very good at models and this was my son’s first one. We actually bought two models that were meant to go together. I worked with him on the first one and got it started and then gave him specific instructions to follow. He followed them and did an incredible job finishing the first model.

He then confidently proceeded to start the second model, which was quite different, without my help…

You guessed it; this one wasn’t turning out as well.

When I checked in on him I discovered a world of glue everywhere and the model was not looking too good. He admitted that he had not followed my instructions from the previous model.

It was that simple. The neglect of following instructions that were provided in order to make things go smoother for him resulted in a mess that prevented us from finishing this second model. We ended up buying another one just to complete the set.

Not following the basic instructions cost us twice as much money and more than that in time. It was a good lesson on the benefits of obedience and why instructions are actually a good thing.

God’s commands are not restrictive in the least, they are liberating. We tend to see what we should or shouldn’t do but what we miss is the empowerment and freedom that comes from following His simplest of commands.


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