In the world but not of it

December 7, 2010

Just do it – God’s way…

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But because I feared God, I did not act that way. Nehemiah 5:15

To put it plainly, Nehemiah knew whom he served. He knew that he was completely accountable to God first before any worldly ruler. This did not mean that he was not under human authority or that he did not respect those around him but rather it dictated how he lived and served.

In reading the passage here and the verses around it, it can seem as though Nehemiah is boasting about himself and how he handled matters for the twelve years he was there vs. how others managed affairs.

But in this context it is not boasting we see but rather a declaration of reverence and respect for the Lord and how that played out in his life and actions. Nehemiah led by example not because he wanted the applause of man but because he feared God.

He knew and understood that the Lord was watching and that it was the Lord who enabled him to perform the work. He refused to take what was not his. He also refused to take what he could have easily manipulated, the food rations, and instead he fed the people and took nothing from them.

Do you see the wonderful instruction here in the life of this man? When a person simply lives their life for the Lord with a reverence and respect for Him then all the actions, all the decisions, and all the intentions are impacted and shaped for His purposes.

The difference was that Nehemiah did not spend time weighing alternatives, calculating the risk of doing one thing for God vs. following man. When it came to God he was completely confident in what he needed to do, there was no compromising, no rationalizing, no “izing” period…


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