In the world but not of it

December 8, 2010

Fear of the unknown…

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I prayed to the LORD, and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4

Dads love to play jokes on their kids. One of my father’s favorites was to call me down to the kitchen with a loud and stern voice. Immediately I thought I was in trouble. I couldn’t figure out what I had done but I knew my father’s tone meant it was bad news for me.

I would slither my way into the kitchen, sit down and be prepared for the consequences for something I didn’t know I did. Sure enough, he would break out laughing and while he was amusing himself, I was trying to swallow my heart back down from my throat to its proper place.

This same type of feeling is something I’ve had in life as an adult. When your boss calls unexpectedly, when the Caller ID reads “police” or the name of someone you did not expect to hear from, when there are changes at your company that are affecting people and you are certain that you might be next, when the doctor seems indifferent about test results, and so on.

Think about all the scenarios in life you and I get fearful about. Even when we have the facts about something we still stress about the outcomes and the ways in which it will be resolved.

But look at our passage. Really look at it and think about what it is saying. In a relationship with our Lord we can expect and receive answers to all the concerns of life. Just the promises in His word are freeing and faith building. But what about the fears we have? All of us carry real burdens at times and are weighed down by the unknown.

He frees us from the unknown. The irony is that unknown or not, our minds start thinking the worst but just in case our passage does not do it for you then learn this one inside and out and be set free…

They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the LORD to care for them. Psalm 112:7


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