In the world but not of it

December 11, 2010

Be on the case…

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Put your hope in the LORD. Travel steadily along his path. Psalm 37:30

The word picture given to us here is one of watching carefully over something and ensuring it is in its proper order.

If you have ever been called a neat freak then you can associate with this. You are someone who likes things in their place. You put time and effort into making sure that the things that are most important to you are in order and looked after and if someone or something causes any of them to be moved or disrupted in any way then you’re on the case.

Putting our hope in the Lord is an active and forward moving initiative on our part, which is why the second part of this verse instructs us to travel steadily or keep our way along His path. Hope and trust are lived out by carefully watching over our lives and ensuring that they remain in His proper order for us. That means if someone or something tries to disrupt it then we need to be on the case to resolve it and address it quickly.

You remember when Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream he told him “Have them gather all the food produced in the good years that are just ahead and bring it to Pharaoh’s storehouses. Store it away, and guard it so there will be food in the cities”(Genesis 41:35).

Joseph was communicating the same principle we find here in our passage, one of protecting, safekeeping and watching out for others. Joseph was telling Pharaoh that the thing to do was to plan ahead, be diligent and ensure things were set in their proper order so that when the difficulties and challenges came, in Egypt’s case the famine, then the people would be prepared to deal with it. In other words they would be on the case…


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