In the world but not of it

December 13, 2010

Too much to carry…

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“it is a burden too heavy to bear”. Psalm 38:4

There are many effects of sin and one of them relates to the physical effects, or health issues associated with it.

I’m not referring only to the consequences of external devises such as substance abuse but rather the physical effects brought on by not going to God with the issue.

I’m talking about the stress build up inside our lives when we are carrying around a huge weight and burden and refuse to confess it.

There are many believers who go through life smiling on the outside but dying on the inside because they are carrying “stuff” around. When we carry things around that God intended to be brought out we are putting ourselves at risk physically, emotionally and spiritually.

David describes a number of health related ailments he suffered here in the first eight verses of this Psalm. He describes experiencing sickness, physical wounds that stink, severe back pain, raging fever, exhaustion and severe heaviness in his heart…

Does any of this sound familiar? We’ve all experienced this at one point whether before or after we claimed to know Christ. Carrying such burdens inside will ultimately ruin us well before our time. I watched someone close to me suffer physically for years due to illness but more of their suffering was due to the stress of sin that had not been confessed.

They carried it around for years. It affected them in every way until ultimately it manifested itself in such physical illness that they were unable to function normally. They eventually confessed it all and were freed spiritually but the physical consequences remained.

There are enough studies showing the effects of stress on our lives. This is exactly a principle that was understood in David’s time as we see from the text.

God wants us to be free of such burdens, to get rid of them and be made whole, to bring it to Him and acknowledge that is exactly what Jesus Christ died for and like David to cry out “I confess my sins; I am deeply sorry for what I have done” Psalm 38:18


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