In the world but not of it

December 20, 2010

Just the Lord…

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True humility and fear of the LORD lead to riches, honor, and long life. Proverbs 22:4

Proverbs gives us many beneficial principles for life. It is filled with godly wisdom and general, straightforward truths that have shaped man’s thinking over the ages.

Yet, sometimes we read a particular proverb and we can misunderstand what is meant.

This passage, for example, is not a promise for material wealth to all those who have true humility and fear of the Lord. In fact, if you or I were to pursue riches because of what this passage says then by just having that intent we would obviously not be too humble or too reverent in our thinking.

There will come a time for each person who desires to know God where they will know in their hearts that what they really desired all along, what they really wanted to acquire, obtain and receive is actually more of the Lord himself and not necessarily a particular thing in the world.

The only true, deep satisfaction is found in Christ. I knew a man who worked long hours of physical labor, had very little material wealth or income, yet was completely content in knowing that his bills were paid, that his family had a meal on the table each evening for dinner. He relished in having his cup of coffee each day and was grateful for it. He enjoyed sitting in his home, surrounded by his family, having conversation and having the home filled with the sounds of their laughter.

For him this was true riches, honor and life. He was content in what God had given him for his life and he found everything he desired in his relationship with God and therefore in all that was around him.

There is simply nothing more valuable than knowing our Lord and knowing Him personally. In that relationship alone we will find all that we desire. In the words of Jesus…

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need”. Matthew 6:33


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