In the world but not of it

December 29, 2010

Dry ground…

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He made a dry path through the Red Sea, and his people went across on foot. Psalm 65:6

If we are to accept God’s word to mean what it says then this is a remarkable statement. Recently I have the opportunity to truly appreciate dry land. My family and I had attended a country fair that was spread out over a large area in a rural part of a particular region.

When we arrived we discovered mud everywhere. Not the kind of mud that is dry or just slightly wet but rather the kind of mud your feet sink in. The fairgrounds were muddy everywhere due to the weather over the previous week and in order to cross from one place to the other you could not escape the mud.

When I first read this passage a few years ago it struck me then as it does now how the Lord parted an entire sea that had been there for more years than I can dare to guess and yet He made a dry path.

This enormous group of people that had left Egypt crossed the sea with their sandals on and the land was dry. There is no indication that they sunk in the mud, that they and their children or the items they were bringing along got stuck.

God made a dry path in the middle of a deep sea. Most of us jump over small puddles so we don’t get wet yet God opened up an entire body of water so that His people could get safely across. Today you are staring out at some large expanse of water in front of you. I don’t mean a real sea but rather a sea of doubt, a sea of anxiety and worry, a sea of depression, thinking how you will get through it.

Consider the God you claim to know, the One who can divide a sea and actually make the ground dry enough so that you can get across safely. This is the God we know and serve.


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